Heart Break

The first entry in this series, I think, will probably be the best one.  I’m going to lead off with a quote and remember it.  It’ll come into play as the entry progresses:

“You see, I feel sorrier for you than I do for him because you’ll never know the things that love can drive a man to:  The ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures, and the glorious victories…  All of these things you’ll never know simply because the word ‘love’ isn’t written into your book.”

I won’t get into the who, what, when, and where.  Not yet, anyway.  It isn’t relevant right now.  As I said earlier, the whole shape of that quote will be different by the time I’m done.

I’m gonna start off by saying that there are a lot of people who believe that this entire world and all of humanity is broken.  First off, I’m going to define what the term “broken” means:

Google’s dictionary defines the term as, “having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order.”  There is another way to define it (and I could probably tie it in here) and it will come into play later as well.

I do not agree with this assessment of humanity.  Humanity isn’t broken.  I will give you that it has definitely taken a turn as we’ve marched on through the ages.  I will give you that it isn’t what it is intended to be.  But, it is far from broken and here’s why.  An individual is a dynamic and sentient being.  There are many facets to what make us who we are and those things are multiplied exponentially when you look at our species as a whole.  The range we demonstrate is nothing short of absolutely incredible.

My issue here is that since these people view the world as broken, they take up as a cross to try and fix it.  Phrasing and meaning intended here, folks.  I have no quarrel with people who find solace in a supreme being.  I, too, find it comforting to know that there’s something much bigger at work.  However, I find it to be a slap in the face to believe that I am “damged and no longer in one piece or in working order.”  If I indeed am made to be lacking nothing in that supreme being’s sight, there is absolutely no way I could be seen in that context.  Absolutely no chance.
It isn’t for anyone to say that I need to be fixed if I am unhappy, depressed, angry, this, or that.  Though, I would give people more latitude in the regard if they came to me and asked if I was where I wanted to be.  To anyone that is reading this, hold your heads high for you are not broken.  My friends, you are not broken.  If you are upset, anxious, depressed, or anything other than happy and joyful, it is okay because you were made to have a much more expansive emotional range than what others deem to be acceptable or “good.”

Right now, we live in a time and culture that will look at us and equate being “broken” to being damaged, unwanted, useless, or any other word that may come to mind as a synonym.  Whether we are physically broken, emotionally broken, mentally broken, or spiritually broken… it doesn’t matter… in the eyes of many, we are just nothing more than something to fix.  I don’t think anybody could really disagree with that, either.  Especially since people are so quick to judge you by a standard that would quickly deem you as such.

So… I say… we are not broken.  Well, not in this regard anyway.

Now where I will agree that humanity is broken is in this sense:  We, as a sentient (and to some degree sapient) species can fundamentally agree on the simple fact that we like to emphasize the merits of success and be unduly critical of the consequences of defeat and effectively and efficiently do so.  We are guilty of crushing those beneath us and discourage chasing after things “out of our league.”  Overall, I guess you can say that we check each other so much so that we “stay in our own lane.”  We do what we’re here to do and others do what they’re here to do.  Ultimately, this could become a very big deal to our growth, not just as individuals but as a species.  Especially moving forward and us being so divided over petty and frivolous things.

Having said all of that…

In both aspects of being broken, I find it hard to believe that we are fundamentally not in working order or in a state of being subdued or defeat.  I really don’t because of something I put down earlier:  We are a dynamic and ever-growing and ever-changing species.  There are so many things that can either redeem and restore or destroy and doom whatever or whoever it is that we are destined to be.  I don’t think it is very accurate to say that we have to take the bad things with the good things.  I feel like you’d only say that if you viewed things in such a way where if something wasn’t right, it needed to be corrected.  Some things are like that and that’s something I won’t deny but maybe we are (ironically) intended to view things differently.

Maybe it goes beyond taking the bad with the good.  It’s easy to do that.  It’s easy to just accept things for what they are.
Maybe it is about being able to place things in their proper place.  It’s much more difficult to develop an affection, even go as far as say a love, for the intent or reason for why those things develop how they do.

Which brings me to the meat of the message.

It isn’t about being broken.  Everything eventually will either fracture of malfunction and it is an inevitable part of life.  Everything dies.  Everything fails.  It’s the nature of entropy!  (Haha… look it up if you’re confused.  It’s a science thing and I just had to, I’m sorry.)  But, even entropy has a place in this giant puzzle that we call Life.

It is about how we break.  If everything eventually fails, our growth… our sapience… will evolve from how we respond to those things.  Do we fail under the weight and stress of an undesirable consequence or do we take a step forward which leads to something greater?  Do these things become bridges burned, lessons learned, or gains from pains?  What these events, both wanted and unwanted, do to us will go a long way to help define our place in this world… in the unverse, even.  All of the things that mark us along the path… if we aren’t able to put them in their proper place and even more to the point, appreciate them and have an affection for what they are…

Then I can definitely understand why those people say we are broken.

Earlier, I gave a quote and I’m going to repeat it against so you don’t have to scroll up to see it:

“You see, I feel sorrier for you than I do for him because you’ll never know the things that love can drive a man to:  The ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures, and the glorious victories…  All of these things you’ll never know simply because the word ‘love’ isn’t written into your book.”

Those words were spoken by DeForest Kelley.  You might know him best as the original Dr. McCoy from Star Trek: The Original Series.  You know, the guy that says, “Damn it, Jim!”  I’m sure there are plenty of memes floating around the Internet but that’s beside the point.  To put it in proper context, he’s telling another character, Spock, the merits of having affection towards another.  More specifically, love.  Spock, to provide context, does not demonstrate emotion of any kind.  Kinda complicated but I’ll leave it at that…

Now that I think about it, I find it rather ironic that such a character whose intent was to fix people because they were “broken” say something that reminds us just how well within our creative intent we are operating, wouldn’t you say?

Don’t forget that, friends.

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