By Bye

Today really is one of those days.  Hell, this whole week has been something fierce.  With the weekend quickly approaching, I felt it was a good time to put something out for you guys.  This one will be short because really I don’t want to get into it more than I already plan on being.

Everybody struggles with loss.  Everyone.  Everyone loses.  Everyone loses something.  Everyone loses someone.  Everyone just loses.

But, it isn’t so much as it is loss as it is the act of losing.

Losing is what hurts.
It is the act of watching the things we hold so dear slip away knowing full well that there just isn’t anything to be done.  Whether it be from our own actions, the actions of others, or just Life pulling things in different directions… it can be heartbreaking to watch happen.

In truth, it is the fear of the unknown that hurts.
All of the…
All of those questions that our current situation has a grip on just come surging forward when we face the effects of change.

Two years doesn’t seem like a lot of time.  But, it sure has been a big enough window to say “Bye” to a lot of things.  I’ve said that to people.  I’ve said that to myself.  I’ve said that to many things.  I’ve said that to everything at one point or another.  And I don’t mean in the surface levels…

Do not get me wrong.  The unknown scares me.  There isn’t many things in this world that shake me but it is one of the few.  Wondering… how… haha… things are going to be should I do this or do that… it is so much easier to retreat to the things we know than plunge ahead and not look back.  Especially when we feel like we’re doing all this alone.

Sooner or later, it’s a path that we must travel.  As much as we can be afraid to go, it is something that we can’t afford to look back on and undermine our own efforts.  We just gotta go!  Go and don’t worry about what’s behind you.  No looking back… no second thoughts… just the great unknown we must face.

It’s tough to leave the things we love.  Some of the time, it’s just time.  Time to move forward… time to take a different path… time to say good-bye to the person we were in favor of the new opportunities, direction, and in all hope for the future… a chance to say hello to the person we can be.

Through it all… the ups and the down… it’s okay to grieve.  It’s okay to lie and say you’re fine.  It’s okay to tell the truth and say that losing is something you’re not comfortable with and not ready yet.  It’s okay.  We’ll say that those things will always be ours.  They will because they’re part of us.  They’re part of who we are and who we will ultimately be.

We don’t know what happens next but…
We’ll find some way to get by one day at a time.

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