The “who” and the “what?”

I’m fairly certain that you have some questions about what it is that you’re doing here.  So, let’s get those hashed out, shall we?

The “who?”

I’m Kevin.  Nice to meet you folks.  I do have a last name.  Follow me on Facebook or Instagram and you just may catch it. =)

I’m located in a city in Texas called Amarillo.  It’s Spanish for “yellow.”  However, there’s nothing yellow about this place.  I’ve been here a long time.

The “what?”

I have many goals that I want to accomplish.  A few of which involve photography and storytelling.  So, if you are visiting me on here, you will get a chance to see how these to aspirations of mine get to take shape.  Furthermore, I am a published author [On Amazon but hey… it’s out there] and I look to add more notches under my belt in that regard as well.  So, any content that you may see on here moving forward could wind up in a collection on the Internet someday.

It is my hope, through everything I publish and publicize, that whoever will read this will take something away from it.  Whether it be a feeling, a memory, or a lesson… every moment means something.  The trick is figuring that out!  This is what I’m going to try to do.  What it may mean to me… what it could possibly mean for you… the mission is to explore those things!

That’s a mission I intend to accomplish.